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Longhua Petrochemical

Research & production
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Research production:

The company's scientific research building covers an area of 1,500 square meters and has various types of experimental equipment and testing equipment worth more than 8 million!

Production facilities:

The company takes the road of green and environmentally friendly circular economy development. All production systems adopt DCS and SIS automated control and management, and operate and control in strict accordance with various management systems and operating procedures.




Jingzhou Longhua Petrochemical

Address: No. 5 Baolian Road, Jingzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hubei Province, China
Zip Code: 434001
E-mail: jzlh@jz-chem.com
+086-0716-8313692(Company Office)
+086-0716-8313694(Company Office)
+086-0716-8318677(Company Office)
+086-0716-8319431(Company Office)
+086-0716-8318677(Company Office)
+086-0716-8313694(Company Office)
+086-0716-8313692(Company Office)
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